Arshavin – The new Arsenal number 23

With the final day of January transfer window, finally Arsenal managed to get Arshavin to Emirates Stadium. He will be wearing the number 23 , formerly worn by Sol Campbell.


Please welcome Andrey Arshavin, the new #23 for the Gunners!

Picture credit to More information on the transfer at Soccernet.

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10 Replies to “Arshavin – The new Arsenal number 23”

  1. muahahahaha. harap dia ni hebat cam bd fabregas. Oppsss salah. Cesc Fabregas. hehehe

    taukeys last blog post..Traffik Tinggi


    life4hire Reply:

    ko nk bandingkan kehebatan dia ngan fabregas payah la beb…pasal fabregas playmaker..mamat ni attacking midfielder merangkap backup forward…harapnya lebih banyak gol dpt dihasilkan dari mamat ni…


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