Awesome BMW bikes

I would love to get my hand on any of these bikes. I haven’t ride any super bikes or Harleys, but I’m definitely going to try any of these. At least, get to ride it one day.

What, go and buy it? Yeah, sure. In my dreams !

You can view the [ whole gallery here ]

Human Tetris?

We have a similar show in Malaysia which called BOLOS! but it’s originally came from a Japanese Game Show titled Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshit”.

Don’t ask me about the meaning of the title because I don’t speak Japanese, just know a few Japanese word but enjoy the video !


As a bonus, I included another video from our local version of the game show


I would prefer the Japanese version ! What say you ??

The World’s Fastest Secretary

Ok. I admit the title is a bit too much but yeah, this secretary is really damn fast in stamping documents. The one showed in the video is a check book I think.

She managed to stamp 27 pages out of 100 pages of the check book in 1 second ! How fast can you can get than that? Is there any Guinness World Record for that ?

Check out the video for yourself !!