Human Tetris?

We have a similar show in Malaysia which called BOLOS! but it’s originally came from a Japanese Game Show titled Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshit”.

Don’t ask me about the meaning of the title because I don’t speak Japanese, just know a few Japanese word but enjoy the video !


As a bonus, I included another video from our local version of the game show


I would prefer the Japanese version ! What say you ??

The World’s Fastest Secretary

Ok. I admit the title is a bit too much but yeah, this secretary is really damn fast in stamping documents. The one showed in the video is a check book I think.

She managed to stamp 27 pages out of 100 pages of the check book in 1 second ! How fast can you can get than that? Is there any Guinness World Record for that ?

Check out the video for yourself !!