New Toyota Alphard 2009

This is the brand new Toyota Alphard 2009. Quite nice and elegant design if you ask me !

from the back
from the front
from the front
the interior
For more pictures of the new Toyota Alphard 2009, you can [ check out the gallery here ]

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25 Replies to “New Toyota Alphard 2009”

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  2. Hey are you joking “Quite Nice and Elegant Design” ???????

    It is fantastic looking !!!!!!!!!!!

    Easily a terrific looking high class MPV….not old fashioned like Estima or low class like the cheap Innova or Naza Ria !

  3. WOW! When I saw toyota alphard in HongKong, I was wondering when will it be introduced in the Philippines. Alphard, I’m waiting..

    1. not sure about the availability in Malaysia yet but you can expect much higher price here. Currently Alphard 2005 costs around RM240k…so expect higher than that!

  4. Hei, you Quah Soh Chein!
    Until you own one Estima or Naza Ria, you than comment about these two cars.
    You really a jerk!

  5. It’s ridicule to drive a ‘bungalow’ in heavy traffic like KL! Why must I spend RMxxx,000 just for a huge box with a living room in it! I rather get a cozy luxurious apartment say in Golden Triangle KLCC area, with huge Plasma TV & Moran leather sofa, customized kitchen with jacuzzi within my bathroom! ..Malaysians, please move your brains laa! Westerners drive it coz they camp site a lot! Travelling 500 to 1000 km for vacation etc! We? in & out carefour, tesco & giant only meh? Only 30 mins to 45 mins journey laa.. Better take LRT lo?

    1. i agree with you Alan for the time being.. but maybe someday if i have a lot of money.. why not ..? but as i said.. “IF” hee..hee well i wish…

    2. That’s ur way of thinking, dude. That’s what u like. U prefer 2 hv all those luxurious accommodation, but some ppl don’t… or perhaps, they hv already owned it!!

      Use another side of ur brain FIRST b4 asking other ppl 2 move their brains =)

  6. The Alphard 2009 is RM 600k! See today’s papers (15/12/2009). The wife of the Health Minister being questioned by MACC for recieving an Alphard ‘gift’ worth that much.


  7. The Innova and Avanza are really cheap rubbish cars on 4 wheels just like the old Toyota Unser! Alphard is the real mans mpv!

  8. toyota alphard is one of the BEST car ……it offers everyone to experience a once in a lifetime ride………wonderful car…….bravoooooo TOYOTA

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