Joke : Why is it always black people?

There were a total of 15 passengers boarding a small plane on their way to Florida.

One black mother and her child were on their way to visit relatives while the other passengers consisted of the KKK on their way to a convention.

The plane took off and after flying for approximately 12 minutes when an announcement came over the intercom from the pilot saying:

We have overloaded this flight.
We are going to have to start throwing luggage out the window so the p lane won’t go down.’

Two minutes later you could see luggage being thrown out the window.

Five minutes after that, the pilot made a second announcement.

‘We are still experiencing problems. We’re sorry, but the plane is still overloaded and we’re going to have to get rid of some of the weight so the plane won’t go down.’

‘We’re going to have to ask some passengers to jump out of the window when we call you by your name. To make it fair, we’ll go alphabetically. We’ll star t with A. Will all the African Americans please jump now?’

The black woman and her child continued to sit.

The pilot came over the intercom system.

‘Next is B. Will all the Black people please jump now’?

The Black woman and child continued to sit.

The pilot came over the intercom system again..

‘Next is C. Will all the colored people please jump now? ‘

All the KKK was now staring at the mother and child. The black woman and child continued to sit.

The child then looked up at her Mom and said:

‘Mom aren’t we all of those?’

The mother then replied to her daughter,

‘Baby, we niggers tonight and the K’s come before the N’s.’