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I consider myself as an animal lover, I can’t stand to see cats straying looking for food so I’ll feed them so they don’t have to beg or bug other people for food. After I fed them, I’ll feel like a winner because I felt like I’ve done something good to another creature. I always wanted to have my own cat but I just can’t because currently I live in a rented house with other people who don’t like animals so it’ll be the best if I just respect that.  I don’t blame people who don’t like keeping a cat at home because sometimes keeping a cat is harder than it looks and it can be quite messy if we don’t know anything about cat care guide. You have to take care of their poops, make sure their health is in top condition and don’t forget to play with them because you should know that sometimes animals will feel depressed if they don’t get enough attention. Cute…

cat bedding

Since I’m on low budget I also consider to have small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, or maybe hamsters because this kind of pet demand relatively low maintenances and basically it is much easier to take care. I remember watching the movie ” Bedtime Stories” where this kid have a guinea pig and it think it’s cute because it is lively, fury and friendly. Maybe tha’s my kind of pet. Since guinea pig is a small animal, so I think small appliances for small pets will fit it just best. I always feel happy and excited to see this kind of pet playing with their toys and somehow I think it’ll help me to relieve my stress.

Some people like cat,some people like guinea pig and there’s also some people who like birds and dogs. Different kind of pet means different ways to take care of them. Before you keep an animal just make sure you can provide safe and clean environment for your pet. Make sure you are able to take care of yourself before you try to take care of any other animals out there. Dogs are men best friends but even though they’re best friend, men usually don’t understand and treat dogs unfairly. If you don’t know how to take care of a dog, you should buy manuals on how to take care of them or the least you can do is check out website that can give you guide on how to take care of your precious. I always thought that it’d be cool to have a pet because I think animas love their master no matter what, whether you’re rich or you’re poor your pet will love you unconditinally if you treat them well.

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